Sunday, May 22, 2016

Let's do the numbers

Not surprisingly, I left Rockhound pretty early, and had an uneventful drive to Tucson.  I'll have more to say about the trip, and future plans, in a while.  I filled the rig up with gas on my way home, and when I took it in to the storage lot I filled up the propane tank.  Thanks to the indispensable Road Trip app, here's the numbers for this 17-day trip:

1459 miles
169 gallons of gas
average mpg 8.65
average price per gallon $2.087
total gas cost $351.91
average miles/day 81.1
fuel/day $19.55
fuel cost/mi $0.241
miles/tank of gas: 476
propane: $16.37

These numbers are all various re-workings of the same basic info: miles, gas tank size, fuel purchased. But this is not:

CO2 emitted:  3272 pounds

As usual, my expenses on the road other than fuel and campground fees (not included in this) are pretty minimal.   The biggest expense was the $200 road service bill for the tire stem; this week I'll start wrangling with AAA about reimbursing that.  A couple of stops for groceries, a few restaurant meals, and that's it.

The major resource issue, and this is not new, is data.  My Verizon hot spot ("Jet Pack") provides 10 gigabytes of data per month.  This sounds like a lot, but I run through it pretty quick.  I get unlimited data on my ATT-powered phone, but just on my phone, and just where I have a good strong ATT signal.  I need to think about this, particularly for longer future trips.

More later.

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