Saturday, May 21, 2016

Grand Finale!

Last night on the road... home later today.  I got up in the night to go to the bathroom and guess what? No water.  When I turned on the RV pump I got water from my storage tank just fine: it was the external water connection that wasn't working.

I got my trusty Channel Locks and went outside in the moonlight to see what's what.  No ex-river guide is ever without his Channel Locks!

All the essentials ... 

 Undid the water connection to the Beast and checked.  No water coming out the standpipe.  Someone has a job to do here at Rockhound later today.  It won't matter to me: I'm outtahere, and I can do anything I need using the water in my tank.  But needless to say, it was hard to get back to sleep.  So: here I am at about 4AM telling you all about it.

It may be a while before my next post.   I'll have some summary thoughts after I get home.

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