Saturday, May 28, 2016


I already have Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico

I've only been home about a week and I'm getting itchy feet again.  Before I left, the guy who's been doing maintenance work on the Beast had some dire warnings: be prepared to put a new roof on it, or trade it!  The new roof in question would be about $4500-5000.  Ouch!

That was unsettling, and somewhat surprising.  I spent a fair amount of time on the roof caulking around vents and the a/c etc, and I thought the roof would need re-coating, but replacement?!

So a couple days ago I looked around and found an RV service place with good reviews not too far away from me.  Took it in, just said I'd been getting some conflicting advice about roof maintenance, and wanted to see what they had to say.

With no prompting from me, the tech said, "The roof sure needs some love, but nothing like a replacement."  So for about $800, he's gonna replace a cracked vent, replace some insert moldings, and re-coat the roof with the classic white goop.  "That'll take care of you!"

Needless to say, I feel much better!

It also has an appointment at Buck's the end of next week to replace the master cylinder; they'd said that would need to be done when I got back.  I don't question it when Buck makes a recommendation.

Next trip at the moment I'm looking at about a month starting June 10.  The maps give you an idea.   The heat of the summer is right around the corner here in Tucson, and places like this

Bear Lodge Campground near Aladdin WY
are looking pretty good.  It's pretty near (27 miles) Devil's Tower national monument.

I'm trying not to plan this trip too far ahead. I'm going to try to come closer to "wandering" this time, once I get in the general neck of the woods I want. North. Cooler. And probably buggier than Tucson, which is why I was real interested in the latest Consumer Reports recommendations on insect repellant.

The June 10 date is kinda arbitrary, as is the one-month time block.

I started the conversation with AAA about reimbursing me for the road service call they weren't able to make at the beginning of the last trip.  The last bit of that business will be getting a new valve-stem extension on the tire which went flat.

I think that's it for now ...

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