Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's a process

I'm going to leave this open as the day progresses, to document the final stages of getting ready to hit the road.  This is largely for my benefit, to keep me from having to re-invent the wheel each time I go out.

I filled the gas tank on Friday, at $2.099 per gallon.  Got 8.7mpg last tank full, which includes some road trip and some around town.  I'm hoping the new differential/axle may improve gas mileage.

I filled the propane tank yesterday, at $3.37 per gallon. (At Buck's gas station.  Never again!  The people are great, but getting the rig backed in so the hose would reach the tank was a nightmare. Much more convenient at U Haul just around the corner.) Propane continues to be a giant bargain.  Refill after last trip took 2.3 gallons.  That's hot water, cooking, refrigerator, and some furnace use on a couple of cold mornings.

Took an Uber down to the storage lot and drove the Beast back home; parked in the Church parking lot across the street.  This way I have the little car to run errands, and can leave it here under the carport when I'm gone.   Uber cost: $5.93  Score!

Started the refrigerator.  For a while it wouldn't catch, but then I remembered the trick: I light all the stove burners for a minute to get gas in the line, then push "go" on the fridge.  Works like a champ. By this morning, the freezer was at about 0┬║ and the fridge was in the green zone.  I can start loading perishables into it today.

Made a shopping list and went to Albertson's -- $108 for the better part of two weeks' food.  I'm sure I'll have to re-stock along the way, and I'll surely eat out a little, but that's less than $10 per day.

Checked meds: nothing runs out while I'm gone.  Emma and I will be properly medicated all along.

Fiddled a bit with the dash cam placement, and found an angle which works reasonably well with the camera mounted inside.

9:30:  Took the bike over to the rig and mounted it on the rack.  Took a load of frozen and refrigerated food to the fridge. Checked to see if the indoor/outdoor thermometer would work if I replaced batteries.  Nope.

Noon-ish:  brunch at Denny's.  Mistake.

1:30: Took more stuff to the rig; bike locks, soaps, bike cover, jumpstart cables.    Fussed with cabinets.  Organized hoses etc.  How did I wind up with THREE blue/white drinking water hoses?  Checked fridge temps.  Spot on.

To do at this point: last laundry/clothing organization.  Organize toiletries, meds. Pull kitchen stuff like a saucepan.  Organize cables and connectors and batteries for all the electronics: phone, tablet, GPS for tablet, WiFi hotspot for tablet and laptop.  All the little pieces for the dash cam.  The Jam box for tunes.  Dang!

Maybe it's time for a nap.


It wasn't.  Too much on my mental to-do list.  Took a load of various things to the rig, and cleaned its windshield.   Time to consolidate lists.

7:15 -- took Emma to her home away from home, got some dinner.  I'm about ready to roll.

Enough for tonight.

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