Saturday, April 4, 2015

The latest route plan, and other thoughts

Here's the latest.  Subject to change.  Remember that you can zoom and pan in this, to show more or less detail.  It's your copy of the map, for now.  Thank you, Google.

I have very few fixed time points in this.  I'm due to give a presentation in Flagstaff on the 18th.  I have reservations at City of Rocks on the 9th.  I've told my hosts in White Rock when I expect to be there.  Other than that I can pretty much wing it.   For the future,  it seems worth it to try to avoid "appointments" in the middle of routes... it makes it harder to decide to stay a little longer at some unexpectedly interesting place, or to add new destinations.

Cost: 1668 miles as the Google flies.  At 7 mpg (conservative) 238 gallons of gas.  At $2.25  per gallon,  $535.    It looks like this and the costs of food and campground stays will fit into my usual monthly expense budget for home.   We'll see how it turns out, eh?

Why am I sharing all this detail stuff?  Some of the initial readers of this blog were interested in this kind of travel at some point in the future, and this may be useful to them.   It's useful to me to document how my thinking and planning have evolved, so I can get better at this and relax a bit about whether I can do this.  And as it unfolds, I hope to share my adventures and misadventures, to mitigate the solitariness of the enterprise.  And there's simply the original notion of blogs as "web logs:"  These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.  Captain's log, star date ... 

Now a more mundane matter.  Laundry.

I'm at the point in my list-making where I'm thinking about clothing, and it has slowly dawned on me that this stuff will get dirty and smelly and ... and jeans take forever to dry!  A quick foray into the inter webs gives me food for thought.   Better stock up on quarters, huh?

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