Friday, April 24, 2015

Down time

The rig is in the shop, the detritus from the New Mexico trip is taken care of, and I have a good book going.  So the tempo is pretty slow right now.  That's a good thing, but I do sense some distinctly itchy feet.

The night before I left on the last trip, I discovered that someone had cut the cable which locks the bike to its travel rack.  I put up a picture in this post.  I picked up the pieces, wondered what had happened, and hit the road.

It turned out that there was more damage than I'd seen at first.  When I took the bike off the rack to use it at City of Rocks, other problems became apparent: the quick-release spindle for the front wheel was missing, one pedal was missing, and the little rear-view mirror was cracked.  So it looks like this was a more determined theft attempt  than I'd thought.  This, in my very calm 55+ town home community!  I've replaced the spindle, and I'm ordering new pedals.  And now that I have time to focus on this, a little shaken.  The damage can be repaired, and the expense isn't all that great.  I guess it's easier to understand a theft attempt than random vandalism, which was my first impression.  But still ...

The trip to the shop is because I noticed a fluid leak under the rig in the vicinity of the rear axle.  I wondered if this was from the leaky kitchen sink faucet, but no: it looked, smelled and felt oily and automotive.  I'd had the differential rebuilt before the last trip,  so maybe this was fallout from that job.  Buck has had the rig for a couple of days, now, with no word.  I'm trying not to worry about expense.  Whatever it is, it can be fixed.   The leaky faucet is next.

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