Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday afternoon

LEDs under the stove vent. Nice 'n bright even in daytime.  I do need to get some tape on the wire nuts, and maybe consider replacing them with some butt-splice connectors.   But it works real nice for now.

The rig goes in to Buck tomorrow to finish work on the differential, and to have the air bag "spring" leakage issue attended to.  

The next project isn't something I'm looking forward to: cleaning and caulking a bazillion seams.   And oh -- I'm going to try some carpet cleaner on the ceiling. Yup.  The Beast's ceiling is made of some carpet-like material which the manufacturer doesn't use (or stock) any more.  My new friend Ron at Forest River suggested carpet cleaner.  A while back, the rig had ceiling leaks which resulted in stains.  The leaks have been dealt with, as far as I can tell, but the stains remain. We'll see how some Resolve works on them. 

I've been doing about everything else, putting that off.  And now the afternoon temps are hitting the 80's hereabouts.  So ... 

Back when I was looking for houses, I was always somewhat bemused by the notation on real estate listings "RV parking space."  No more.  It would be real nice to walk outside and work on the thing for a while without commuting.  Even though it's a short commute -- 10-15 minutes at the most.

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