Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It now looks as though the soonest I can get back on the road is early April.   The complicating factor is work on the roof of my place in Tucson... but I'm looking at going out for 10 days/2weeks and being back in Tucson by about April 18th.  We'll see if the roofermen can work with that. I've blocked out April 6-18 for this trip.

I'm still learning how to embed "live" Google maps in this blog. The annoying text block in the upper left seems unavoidable -- but you can shift the map around to see the name of the northernmost destination at the Goosenecks overlook:

This is roughly what I have in mind.  None of this is cast in stone.  Some of it is familiar territory, in particular the area where I might turn around in SE Utah.  For several years I worked as a river guide up there, based out of Green River, and it's spectacular country.

Gas cost at $2.50/gal, 8 mpg: $362.  If I stay out 14 days: $25/day.   Gas costs seem to be going down again, for some inexplicable reason, and on some legs of this trip I might get better than 8 mpg, so this seems like a fairly conservative estimate.   I'm counting on a lot of boondocking and stays in state parks.  This is a pattern I'm thinking might be what I plan for longer, later trips, so we'll see what the costs actually are.

The Beast is currently at Bucks, so it should be all spiffy for travel in about this time frame.

I tackled a chore at the rig yesterday which has been on the list for some time.  The ceiling of the thing has a fabric finish rather like a short-pile carpet.  (They don't do that any more, and the fabric is not available from the company.)  A while back in its history, there were apparently some water leaks which stained some places on the ceiling.  When I asked my guy at Forest River about this, he suggested I try carpet cleaner -- duh!  So yesterday I got a jug of Resolve and went at a small area in the bathroom.  It seems to work!  It's a slow and not-very-enjoyable process, and the stuff stinks, but I think in time the unsightly blemishes can go away.  I'll take some before/after pictures when I get at it: this may be one of those chores I can do in small increments when camped.


  1. Test comment.
    Have you tried something like the Bissel Green Machine for your ceiling? Much less stink, uses ordinary carpet shampoo, sprays, scrubs, and suck back the dirty cleaning solution. I use one in our trailer for upholstery and at home for spot messes. Works better than a carpet cleaner.

    1. No, I hadn't -- good thought!

      And the comment came through just fine.

    2. I assume you mean the Little Green? BTW, I get email bounce messages every time I post a comment or reply here, but they seem to come through just fine.

    3. I just went and checked, mine is a Bissell Spot Clean Pet. It's a portable unit, but doesn't seem to be on their website anymore. It looks like this.