Thursday, March 19, 2015

The morning's work, and a scouting report

The visible result of my morning with the rig:

It's not a whole new faucet set.  It's new handles (from Lowe's across the street) on the old faucet.  The plumbing for the faucet is darn near inaccessible:  it's in a very small space between the rear edge of the sink basins and the wall.  So I replaced the handles, tightened the swivel head as best I could, and will return the faucet which the speedy folks at Amazon sent out before I could cancel the order.

Next project will be the LED lights in the vent hood.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend, depending on when they get here.

Last weekend when I was up in Flagstaff (in my car) to help a friend celebrate his birthday, I detoured around a bit to check out a possible boondock site for the summer.  It's on A-1 Mountain Road, about 5 miles west of Flag.  It was a little early in the season for a full reconnoitre -- there was still snow on the north side of rocks, and while the main gravel Forest Service road was in good shape, anything off the road was in that unlovely state of early spring mud puddles.  I didn't go deep enough to get to the spot which Bob Wells used for a while last summer, and wrote about here. But it did look promising.  I think another scouting trip may be in order.

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