Monday, February 23, 2015


Monday evening.  I’m at the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Sanctuary, about 30 miles south of Three Points.  Maybe 50 miles from home.  I drove over this morning after a leisurely pack out of from Darby Wells, I stopped at the Coyote Howls (East) RV park to dump my holding tanks.  $10.  I left a couple of bags of trash as a tip.

Then to Sells, and my old stomping grounds: Basha's.  This time I swallowed my shame and sneaked in one picture of the juxtaposition of English and Tohono o’Oodam names for supermarket departments.  And a hopeful rez dog!

Then over here: a whole day of two-lane blacktop, in some cases as I got closer to here, 1 1/2 lane blacktop.  

I’d been here for about 15 minutes when I fell in love with the place: Big, empty grasslands and scrub, with the possibility of antelope thrown in. Silent, except for the wind which only died down at sunset. No one in sight.  I expect the stars will out-do themselves tonight.  It’ll be cold: High 30’s.  I have a winter grade sleeping bag, and the catalytic heater will take the chill off in the morning.  Tuesday will be even cooler: 32 that night!

Here’s a few images from this afternoon. 

The distinctive mountain is Boboquivari, the sacred Mountain
for the Tohono o'Oodam

I have  no plans for tomorrow.  As it should be.  I’ll be home sometime Wednesday.

The coyotes just started up! 

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