Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Morning at Buenos Aires

Cold last night, as expected.  It was in the low 40's inside when I woke up.  Turned on the catalytic heater and within about 30 minutes the air temperature was up to the low 60s.  Comfortable in jeans and a hoodie.  It felt warm immediately where I was sitting reading, because the radiant element was pointed right at me.  That's basically how radiant heat works: it heats up the objects it's pointed at, and those objects warm up the air.

Lesson:  When you're buttoned up tight because it's cold, and you boil water for coffee, the windows will fog up.  Lots.  I winder how far into the day it will be before I have a clear view.

Lesson:  Put outside stuff away overnight.  I had left the solar panels and my little entrance mat in place last night.  A few minutes ago I was reading/snoozing on the couch, and woke up to the sound of pitterpats of rain. The rug got a little soggy, as did the chair. Not bad once the sun comes out later this morning.  The solar panels themselves are weatherproof (as they'd have to be) but the controller is not.   It's tucked up under the panels, so it's sheltered from light weather, but I hauled it inside just to be sure.  Bother.

Lesson:  Be aware of where the sun will rise, and orient the rig to catch early sun.  I need a longer cable for the panels... that's high on my list of projects when I get back.

Lesson:  When it's nice and toasty inside, and you go out to take a picture, CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!

I'm going to look through the pictures I've taken, and edit this post to add some.  They could use some tweaking, but you'll get the idea.

These are from yesterday afternoon shortly after I arrived:

And these are from this morning at about sunrise:

And now it's time for breakfast.


  1. Great pictures, Rich! Glad to see you are having fun, and wishing I was doing the same thing. HS

  2. Wow, those pictures look awesome. Those dramatic clouds have come blowing into Tucson this a.m., and right now you can't even see the Catalinas. A good day to make chicken tortilla soup for the Lutherans I'm feeding tomorrow.