Tuesday, February 24, 2015


So there I was.  Reading and watching the clouds go by.  And then I heard a vehicle go by.  Not that usual out here.  So I looked up.  And people with a trailer were pulling in.  In my spot.  MY spot!  I'll spare you the dialog, but the "ranger" had suggested they check this spot out because if it rains they wouldn't get stuck.  I pointed out that there's almost a hundred designated campsites in this place, and surely some of them wouldn't pose a flood hazard.  And besides, there's no rain in the forecast for days.

They're a nice couple from Vashon Island in Washington State.  I went back in my rig to do the breakfast dishes (oh, all right, the dinner and breakfast dishes) and fume.  When I looked out they were gone.  And for all of about 10 minutes I felt guilty.  I'm over it now.  This wasn't my morning to put my own priorities on the back burner.  Not that guy, today.

Did I mention this spot has awesome 5-bar Verizon 4GLTE coverage.  I can see what I think is the  tower out across the valley.  Line of sight, baby!

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