Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh, yeah, it's Sunday!

Still here at Darby Wells Rd, although I thought about leaving this morning.   My idea is to head over and down to Buenos Aires Nat'l Wildlife Refuge near Sasabe.  I pulled the rig together for travel, and sat down to see what the best route would be.  Previous descriptions were a little unclear about road conditions, so I wanted to check in with the HQ people.  There's no fee to camp there, but you do have to stay in designated numbered sites.  As it turns out, the Visitor Center is closed on weekends.


Since I was rigged for travel, I decided to mosey up Darby Wells road and see if there was a better site than I'd had for the past 2 nights.  The views opened out a bit, but there was a fair number of rigs parked up there.   Nothing better than where I'd been, so I drove back down the washboard road and set up again in "my" spot.   I like not having neighbors.  Turns out there are folks in a van right up the road from me, but we can't see each other, so they're not there.  Right?

After a few clouds at sunrise, the day has been clear and bright, and the solar rig has done its thing.  I walk past the panels and feel smug.  All my stuff is charged full up -- no, I take that back.  I should go charge up the Big Jambox for tunes tonight. Thanks again, Mike!

Sunny and 70º ... doesn't get much better! I'll bet this is a hell-hole in summertime, but I have no intention of being anywhere near here come summer.

Resource management:  I'm definitely using bandwidth over-generously, but I'm pretty sure that there won't be many more multi-day trips this month, so that's not going to be a problem.  It's being out for a month at a time that will be challenging.

Fresh water seems to be in ample supply.

I've emptied he grey water on the ground near me -- heck, it doesn't even have soap to speak of.  The back tank indicator is higher than I'd like, so I'm making a point of watering a particularly ugly bush. I need a foxhole shovel for cat-scratch sanitation in settings like this, I think.  And a hatchet so I can shave kindling and make a fire.  I think tonight may be a campfire night.

I'm having fun.

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