Saturday, February 21, 2015

Interim report

The solar/power aspect of this has to be counted a success, so far.  By noon, all of my devices were fully charged, and the house battery bank had recovered from that together with yesterday evening's use.  I've been pretty parsimonious with power and internet bandwidth... haven't watched any of my regular Youtube "vlogs," for example.  So far I've used 0.43 GB of my 5GB monthly data allotment. So maybe .5/day: if I were way for a month, that'd be 15G.   Hmmm.

Verizon has provided 2-3 bars of 3G signal since I got here, which seems to satisfy the MiFi hot spot.  Things are a big sluggish, but not unbearably so.  ATT has about the same signal, but is showing "out of area," which I think means I get charged extra for data use through them here.  I put the phone on "airplane" mode as soon as I noticed. I suspect the Maps use all the way out here will cost!

The sky has not been completely clear this morning: mostly sun through high haze.  It's cleared off for a while now, but the solar charge controller seems to be mostly on "idle" -- maintaining the battery at full.

If I'm concerned about anything in this boondocking experiment, it seems like I'm using water at a faster clip than I'd anticipated.  But I distrust the "idiot lights" on the panel, though, so I'm not going to change behaviors.   I dumped the grey water in a bush, and the indicator lights for the grey AND black tanks went to E.  This cannot be...

I've spent the morning reading, snoozing, working on a script for a video piece I have in mind.   I may shoot some footage for that this afternoon.

So far, so good!  I'm encouraged.

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