Friday, February 20, 2015

Dinner time

In camp, Friday afternoon.  It’s been cloudy all day, but the forecast for tomorrow is  sunny, and the sun is making a tepid appearance as it goes down over yonder hill. 

I set up the solar panels, even though I knew the angle was too low to much out of them.

The drive over was pleasant.  I LIKE just cruising along on 2-lane blacktop, and that’s just what AZ 86 is once you get out of Tucson.  A dashcam is definitely in the works.  A cheap dashcam.

I stopped at a Basha’s along the way because I’d forgotten to pack plates of any kind; much of the route was on the Tohono o’Odam reservation, and the walls of the Basha’s were adorned with labels in their language.  I was tempted to sneak a picture or two, but that just felt tacky.

The campsite is OK.  Not very exciting, but tomorrow may explore up the (gravel) road a ways and see what it’s like up there.   It’s pretty level, but I did break out the leveling block to get the rig within 1 degree of level.  More comfortable for me and it makes the fridge happier. 

I want to post this, but I’m paranoid about power consumption.  But part of the point is to see how well the batteries last through “normal” use.

I’m here.  It feels a little anticlimactic.  That’s fine.  More tomorrow. 

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  1. It's cloudy still here in Tucson; supposedly the sun will come out tomorrow. We can't complain our else our East Coast friends will un-friend us.

    I'm glad you like AZ-86, which I've driven as far as Kitt Peak. Folks from elsewhere may not understand how un-cluttered the highways are in the Indian Reservations. Unlike much of roadside America, the Indian highways are not piled high with billboards, rest areas, fast food restaurants, and truck stops.

    "Within one degree of level" is low hanging fruit. I'm tempted, but I won't be a snark. At least not in this posting...