Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sorting stuff out

The Brits have a wonderful expression about getting "sorted."  It translates, roughly, as "organized and understood" and can be applied to one's current overall life situation or to a specific problem.

Here's mine at the moment:

I've been going back and forth between the house and the RV storage lot getting stuff done.   It's my DIY side.  But the tools are often elsewhere.  Last week I needed something at the house which was at the RV, and yesterday the reverse.  No biggie here, with no fixed schedule and plenty of other things to do.  But when I take off for a while in the Beast, it'd be good to know I've got the right tools.

And not a lot of dead weight.

So I pulled everything out of the RV and most everything out of the closets here at the house, and I'm trying to get it all understood and organized.  Sorted.  How many sets of diagonal cutting pliers do I need?  End wrenches? Channel Locks?

Part of the problem is that some of this goes way back;  I can remember my father using THAT bulbous-handled screwdriver... But it's absurd to own this many duplicates of tools.  I think one outcome will be a big box of perfectly good tools which goes to Good Will.

Today's high is supposed to be in the mid-seventies.  It'll drop off to the mid-sixties in a few days, there's no expectation of an immediate return to the really cold temps of a few days ago.  You folks in the East and  Midwest are in for it, huh?

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