Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thinking ahead

This won't be about sorting out anything physical.  I'm still working on that project: Emma and I paid a quick visit to the RV to bring back all the tools that were there so I can organize what should go where.

No, what this is about is where I go when I do hit the road.  I've been reading a lot of video and other blogs (and blogs, I guess) from people who spend a LOT of time in their RV.  They like to call themselves nomads,  particularly the full-timers.  These folks, some of them, have decided live on the road.  They have various styles: some do it rather grandly, some in pretty frugal ways.   Some are constantly on the road, others settle in for a while at locations which please them.  Some are retired, some are restless kids.

I've provided pointers to some of the blogs these folks maintain, over on the right.

I'm pretty clear that full-time nomad just doesn't suit me right now.  I like having a "sticks and bricks" place to come home to.   But I'm edging toward a style of travel which would be new to me, and more than a little scary: Wandering.   Just taking off, say, northward in the summer, and winding up who knows where.  Maybe Canada, in the summer.  Maybe Mexico in the winter once I get over serious anxieties about travel where I don't speak the language. Maybe (gasp!) Florida?

The few trips I've done so far have been pretty closely planned: campground reservations made ahead, all that.  So just taking off and seeing where the road goes with no specific destination and no hard and fast schedule -- that's really scary stuff to the control freak here. But I'm getting more and more comfortable with the Beast: I think I understand its components and its (few) foibles.   And in the words of the immortal Dr Bronner: if not now, when?

The problem is, as it has been, the dog.

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