Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feeling smug -- ruh-roh!

I'm down at the RV again, doing an inventory of the interior cubbies.  Lots to throw out and reorganize. I brought the new space heater, both because I wanted to play with the new toy and because I didn't see any reason to give it house room at 614.  It's warm in the sun today --- air temp near here is 59.2┬║ near here.  But it was pretty chilly in the rig.  I revved the little heater up and put it on HI and in maybe 15 minutes it was comfortable.  I don't have a thermometer with me, but it's take-the-fleece-off warm in here.  I plugged a little fan I have into the inverter, and that sure helped... if I'm reading the info right from the solar panel, the panel is supplying what's running the fan and also changing up the little battery on a floor-sweeper I keep down here.  I am consuming propane to run the space heater, but still I'm feeling quite self-sufficient.  The laptop is running on battery and so is the TMO wifi hot spot.

Back to work, then home and late lunch.

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