Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Spent the better part of an hour this afternoon practicing stopping without falling off the bike.  Increasingly tight turning radius; re-learning to lean into it. Starting from a standing stop without wobbling.  Reeling and writhing and fainting in coils ...

If nothing else, that's an hour of being outside and active which I wouldn't have had otherwise.

I put a handlebar mirror on harley this morning when I bought a helmet.  Thanks for worrying, Conrad!

I'd like to ride down to the bike path that goes along the Rillito, but that involves either riding down Oracle (many lanes of scary traffic) or along Roller Coaster Rd (2 lanes of twists and turns where cars can't see you around the corner, and everyone drives just a little too fast.

I did venture out into the world to the nearest Circle K.  I'd have gone in and bought something to drink to celebrate, but I forgot the lock.  Me, paranoid?

Soon I have to order a rack so harley can ride the Beast.

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