Tuesday, May 20, 2014

harley is here

harley is an electric-assisted bike distributed by e-joe;  they have three models; this is a refurbished 2013 "Anggun."

It arrived yesterday noon and I spent most of the day puzzling out how to put it together.  Essentially zero directions: here's your box, sign here, have a good day. 

If you're interested in learning more about bikes like this, check here.  What drew me to this one was the step-through frame (my back and hip won't make it over the bar in a conventional frame,) the battery capacity (which should give me a cruising radius of about 35-40 miles,) and the relatively low price.  The company mostly does business through local bike shops, but right now there's nowhere in Tucson that carries this.  So I'm kinda on my own.  

I went out and tooled around my complex and the parking lot of the church across the street for a while.  Some modest hills, which the thing ate for breakfast.   I'm still wobbly and all newbie about bike riding, but it's coming back fast.  And man, is it fun!  It has a max speed of 20mph; I got to 12 in the parking lot without sneezing. 

The back and hip problems have taken me out of a lot of activities I loved.  But this may put me back outdoors, and get me some exercise I badly need.  The power assist is only there if I want it; I can pedal on my own until I get tired, and then let harley take the edge off.  

I'm lovin' it.

Oh, and yes, I biffed once -- I was coming to a stop on an uphill preparing to cross the road, and just lost it.  Nothing worse than wounded pride and some mild road rash; harley wasn't fazed.  

Oh, and yes, I'm wearing a helmet.  

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