Friday, May 23, 2014

Today's adventure

See the end of this for the sequel.

This is not amusing. It has nothing really to do with the RV or the bike, but I have to vent somewhere.

There is a new update to  Mac OS X. Apple asked if I wanted to install on my laptop. I said yes. Then I got a warning that there wasn't enough disk space on my laptop to do that. And then it went ahead and tried to install the upgrade anyway.

The result of that was a laptop that won't boot. I did get it to boot off of a CD-ROM version of the system software. And now, using software on that repair disk, I am restoring my laptop system as it was when it was backed up yesterday, creating a new system disk on an external drive.  That will take about four hours. 

The plan is then to boot the laptop off the external drive, and go about repairing whatever the damag is to the internal disk.  

More fun than pack rats, I'll tell ya.  Good thing almost all my crucial information is stored on the cloud, and that I can get at it by way of the iPad.

It's a good night for a Chinese buffet.

(The next day, 5/24 -- )

All seems to be well, although I'm a bit nervous because I don't exactly know what I did to fix it.  I managed to get the Finder  (Apple's confusingly-named user interface) user interface to appear.  At that point I was able to delete some files, thus alleviating the "out of disk space" problem.  I did a full backup at that point, and then installed the OS X update that started this.  As far as I can tell, the only loss is some video files on external drive.  No biggie.  Luckily.

We now resume our previously scheduled ramblings about e-bikes and RV's.

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