Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Problem solved

The generator has a fuse and a circuit breaker, both of which are invisible beneath the front panel in the compartment it sits in.  Sam and I looked at the generator docs and found a diagram which shows these -- after Sam did a partial disassembly of the generator from panel, we could see that the circuit breaker had tripped.  Reset the breaker, and bingo!  Power.

On to track down some minor electrical mysteries, which I suspect will turn out to be blown fuses.  Oh, and I found the mysterious Power Center underneath the dinette table.

At the house with it this afternoon, plugged it into "shore power" -- 120V AC from the house.  And hooked up a hose and learned how to fill the drinking water supply and how to run directly from the water supply.

Oh -- I turned on the hot water heater this morning.  That little sucker makes HOT water!  Also ran the refrigerator all morning on propane -- the freezer was, well, freezing! I need to get a thermometer, but it seems to work just fine.

The only system I haven't worked with is the waste water disposal.  Or, as we say, the "black" and "grey" water.

Go, Beast!

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  1. Congratulations, Rich! It sounds like you made a great choice. I hope you'll be blogging from the road.