Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day Two continued

As planned, I spent a couple of hours this morning down at the storage facility, working on better understanding what's where in this thing. I found the power center; it was down underneath the dinette table. A bunch of circuit breakers for the AC, and a bunch of fuses for the 12 V DC.

The problem with the generator continues. It starts, runs unevenly for a little while, and then everything smooths out and it just hums along

But there is no electricity coming out of the thing. It's definitely supposed to switch over automatically. That's what it did according to the previous owner, and the manual says it will.  When the generator is running, there is a regular clicking sound coming from the control panel area, which is also where the generator switch is. My imagination is that it's a relay trying to do the switch over to AC and not working.

Emma was with me. Emma has decided the couch is her place. This is not surprising, since the floor is either vinyl or laminate, and she hates slippery hard floors. After a few incidents of talking and hauling and swearing, she now essentially levitates outside the door and winds up on the couch. Where she spends a lot of time trembling.

I suspect this will get better as time goes on.

My other project at the storage lot was to see if I can figure out how to get the awning deployed. Short answer: no I couldn't. I think it would help if I had seen it once, so I knew what I was looking for. The previous owner said that it was short of a pain to set up but that he did it anyway.  I think I'll try it next when there's a second pair of hands around, which might make things easier.

About 1030, I drove up to the house in the Beast. I connected it to AC up here, and hooked up the hoses from here to the "city water" connection. That worked perfectly. The water did what it was supposed to, and the electricity was fine. I tried using city water to fill up the tank in the beast, and then I just connected the city water direct as if it was in a campground with hookups. Everything works fine. And the battery got  nicely charged. 

This afternoon my plan is to take  the RV back to the storage lot and then drive out and take care of registration and plates and title. 

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