Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coming attractions

I've made a reservation at Catalina State Park for next Tuesday the 25th.  It's pretty heavily used, somewhat to my surprise, and weekend reservations are hard to come by.  So that will be the Beast's introductory prowl.  By then I hope to have figured out the awning.  And there's enough "grey" water in the tank from my last few days of testing things that I should probably go pay for a dump somewhere really close.

Some folks will be more interested in this than others.   For those of you on Facebook, I have a way to notify you when there's what I think is an interesting new post here.  (This involves IFTTT, which you should know about if you don't.)  For those of you not on facebook, you can put the now-correct URL for this blog in your feed reader:, and get every priceless word.  Or you can just check in from time to time.

Since Beast ownership stems partly from my love of gadgets, it won't be surprising that I'm thinking up ways to enhance his Beastliness.

1.  The radio/sound system sucks.  It was original equipment in 1999, cassette tape player and all. So maybe I have a trip to a car audio place in store.

2.  It has a nice little HD television and an antenna, but I have little interest in watching television.  But it occurred to me that I could get a 12-volt wifi hub, and when I take a trip I could take my AppleTV along.  That would require AC, of course ... but then I could use my iPhone and its unlimited ATT data plan to stream Rachel Maddow to the belly of the Beast.

Of course there are 12V wifi hubs!

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