Saturday, June 4, 2016

The overall shape of the next trip is emerging.  Drive to Cascade ID via Flagstaff, a week in Cascade, then head up and take Rt 12 over towards Missoula MT.  Then I’m thinking I may take US 93 S back S  into Idaho, through the Bitterroot Valley down toward the Craters of the Moon national monument. Loads of interesting stuff along that route and apparently another very scenic drive.  

From there … options open up, but the terrain dominates.  One strong possibility is to work my way S and E in WY towards I-25 — I-25 S to Boulder for a family visit.  Then I could go S and hole up in White Rock and Santa Fe for a while or angle SW toward home down through various places in CO. 

[Or instead of going S on 93, I could stay N, roughly along I-90 from Missoula, and head over toward a close encounter with Devil’s Tower in NE Wyoming and go south towards Boulder from there.]

The major unsolved piece of logistics is to find someplace to hole up for the 4th of July weekend. 

Time and money:  I need to find some places to stay for several days at a time to recharge the money meter, preferably at someplace cheap or free.  In any event, most versions of this itinerary involve a shit-ton of driving… the whole circle route home-to-home via Devils Tower would be about 3400 miles.  At 200 miles/day that would be about 17 days of continuous travel. About 400 gallons of gas at recent average mpg, and THAT’s maybe $1000 for gas at $2.50. That 17-day figure doesn’t include extended stays anywhere, like Boulder or White Rock.  Hmmm… In any event, it’s looking like this is a month-long venture at the minimum.  

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