Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hi, I'm Rich, and I'm a Planner.

It turns out I'm really bad at just wandering, taking it one day at a time.  Really really bad.

I have the first 11 days of the next venture pretty well scoped out; I'm indeed headed for Cascade, ID. I'm staying at a commercial RV resort which is located on a riverbank and a few minutes walk to the town center, with some restaurants, bars, stores, etc.  Small western city.  Like, really small. 2010 census shows 939 people.  Industry: tourism.

I'll drive pretty much straight through to get there: Flagstaff AZ, Mt Carmel Junction UT (right near Zion,) Orem UT, Burley, ID. Then 7 days of hanging out by the river.

I'm driving through some real pretty country, some of which I've visited or gone through before, and some is new.

I'm stoked.


  1. Hello Rich,
    Sounds like a great trip and a nice destination. You will be seeing some great country. I'm envious. Be safe. Have fun.

  2. Darrell: thanks. It gets even better. I'm thinking I'll go a bit north from Cascade, then get on US 12 headed toward Missoula MT. Tons of Forest Service campsites along that road, a hot spring ... sounds good. Thanks for the comment! It's good to know someone's out there.