Saturday, June 18, 2016

Life at 6 Main Street, #38, Cascade, ID

Lots of people came in last night ... mostly Idaho plates.  I'm thinking a lot of people from Boise come up here for the weekend.  There surely are more families with kids.

This little cluster of trailers, motorhome and tents seems to be one group.  They arrived yesterday afternoon and set up camp.  The kids and one adult immediately set off to go swim in the river.  I dipped a toe in the river a day ago, and no thanks!  The pelicans don't mind, apparently.

Walked around the campground this morning.

Lots and lots of people, in lots of kinds of rigs, from huge Class A diesels to little pop-up trailers. Big sign in the front windshield of a big rig: "Due to a shortage of ammunition, there will be no warning shots."  Ouch.  Many levels of ouch, particularly right now.

Yesterday I did some laundry, feeling unbearably smug that I'd packed lots of quarters.  The major project was interior -- a chore I've been putting off for a while.

I mostly use the bathtub as a place to store boxes of things, laundry bags, etc.  But camped in a place like this, with unlimited water and continuous drainage, it can make sense to shower in the rig. The hot water heater has a 6-gallon tank, so long soaking showers are out.  The caulk around the edges of the tub had dried out and come away in places, so I cleaned out the seam between the tub and shower enclosure and put in new silicone caulk, which I had in my tool box.  Judging by the smell it's about cured; today I'll trim the excess and test it for leaks as best I can.  This is the kind of chore which would be torture at home, when the coach heats up to intolerable levels in the parking lot.  Yes, I could run the generator and the a/c, but that somehow seems excessive.

Other than finishing the tub project, I don't have an agenda for today.  That's OK.

And boy, did I time this trip right for weather!  It's gonna hit 114 degrees F today, maybe 120 tomorrow.  120 is almost unheard of for Tucson.   Here, 65 today, mid-seventies tomorrow.

Sorry, Tucsonans!

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