Monday, May 2, 2016

On the road Wednesday (May 4)

White Sands National Monument

Things are getting organized and packed up for the next trip: I've pretty much described the route before. Look back to my April 5 post to get the basic outline. First stop is Willow Springs Lake, a pretty NFS campsite, for a couple of days, to decompress and get into Road Rhythm. This route is a combination of places I've been before and new spots.  I'll be doing some tourism later in the trip, visiting Trinity Site and the White Sands missile museum in southern New Mexico.  And a few days with my friends Doug and Dotty in White Rock will be a joy, as always.

I've driven through White Sands before.  It's a little creepy... they still test missiles there.  A few days after I'll be driving through, they'll close the road so they can do things.  You know ... things.  I think the visit to Trinity Site a few days earlier will help me remember what it's all about.

Lots of maintenance work on the Beast the last week or so: when I get back from this trip in late May, the high temps here in Tucson will be getting brutal, so I'd like to get as much regular maintenance done as I can while it's still pleasant hereabouts.

I'll try for regular posts while I'm on the road.

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