Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Journey Proud!

That was my grandmother's expression when she couldn't sleep the night before she travelled.  This is a new record: wide awake at 0130.  Somewhat confusingly, I can usually get back to sleep for a while if I have a cup of good strong coffee.  I really don't think it makes sense to get on the road just yet!

(Edited later:  I did get a good long "nap" and got up again at something like 0430.  In case you were concerned ...) 

While I'm gone ... 

The roses have begun their yearly journeys. I sure hope the automatic watering system keeps them going when I'm gone!  But, as I'll show you when I get on the road, I'll have a couple of plants with me as I travel.  House plants, and I haven't rigged up watering systems for them.  So the dog stays with a neighbor, and a couple of plants get to go along for the ride. They don't shed, whimper, or tremble, so they're good company. The dog will be happy and pampered with my neighbor across the street, who has become her Other Daddy.

Almost time to get out Willie Nelson ...

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