Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thinking ahead

The Roper Lake weekend trip was fun in lots of ways.  But I've been thinking about how to reduce the "overhead" of going out in the Beast.  I've got a few strategies:

One is a shopping list of "ingredients" for mobile meals.  I can take this list to the store and buy as much as I think I'll need for the time I'll be out.  It's divided in two parts: one is stuff that needs to be refrigerated, the other is stuff that is OK at room temperature.  The cold stuff has to be loaded a day or so after the refrigerator is turned on.  The other stuff (cereal, for example, or canned tuna) can be put in the rig at almost any point.  

I've thought about clothing, and poked around in my closet and found stuff which fine for RV travel and can simply live there; when it gets laundered after a trip it can go right back in the rig whenever I'm headed that way (it's stored 10 minutes away from my house.) So I shouldn't have to sort and pack clothes much.

The final piece is to empty holding tanks before I leave my last campsite, and to refill gas and propane tanks on my way into town.  That way the rig is ready to roll at almost any point; the gas station is on the road home just before I get there, and the propane place is between home and the storage lot.  Done deal.

This doesn't mean I could just jump in the rig and go.  But it's closer, and as the weather here gets hot, the less running around and packing I have to do, the better.

Now to think about the latest repair job: the strings on one of the pleated blinds broke last trip, so I have to get on YouTube and watch how it goes to repair one of those.  It's cool and cloudy here, so this is a good time to work on things like this.  

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