Monday, March 7, 2016

Roper Lake State Park

I'm back from a weekend at Roper Lake, just south of Safford, AZ.  This was an impromptu weekend away, organized by friends here in Tucson ... it's about a 2-hour drive from home.

The GPS coordinates for the park are 32°45'21"N, 109°42'17"W  Elevation 3130 ft.

The park is a pleasant place ... Roper Lake was constructed as a reservoir, and there's a swimming beach, fishing, lots of ducks, rental cabins, and even a hot (warm-ish) spring for bathing.

The most prominent feature of the landscape is Mt Graham:

10,720 ft elevation
There are three "loops" in the campground.  Two loops have electric and water hookups; I was in the dry camping loop, in site 50.  Level, gravel site:

Site 50.  Note awning deployed (rare) and solar panel

The park was booked full for the weekend ... for a while I was worried about loud music and happy (read:screaming) kids nearby, but everyone quieted down and there was no problem sleeping.

This was my first experience with what the RV world seems to call a "meetup." A group of friends in Tucson proposed this trip, and I was happy to join. What I hadn't expected was a trip into town for brunch on Saturday, another trip into town for dinner, and a nightcap at the bar where some local friends-of-friends.  A good time was had by all.   I woke up really early in the morning on Sunday, and left after breakfast; was back in Tucson about 10:30.  The rig was unpacked and parked in the storage lot by mid-afternoon.

As I noted after my short trip to Buenos Aires sanctuary earlier this spring, there's a lot of logistics overhead in a weekend trip.  But the change of scenery, and time with some friends, made it well worthwhile.

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