Sunday, December 6, 2015

Still in Tucson. Good weather for maintenance chores.

In Tucson, enjoying the great late Fall weather.  After a cold snap when the overnight temps got down below freezing for 4 days in a row, we're in a stretch of above-normal temps: mid- to upper-70s during the day.  Cloudless.  Calm.

I finished the task of re-finishing cabinet drawers and doors in the kitchen area.  Sure looks all shiny bright!  When I was installing them at the rig in the storage lot, I decided to listen to some tunes.  Nope!  Radio -- new, shiny, feature-filled radio -- was dead.  Dang!  So I added a trip to the guys who installed it to my to-do list. (I did check the fuse; was OK)  A day or two later, I decided to move the rig over a couple of feet to give me some more space between me and the TT which had just parked next to me. Nope!  The real problem was a dead starter battery.  WTF?  (If you know what that means you won't be offended.  The rest of you, don't ask!) I pulled the little Hyundai over to jump-start the Beast.

It started immediately.  Nice!  Two added "extras" when it did:  the 4-way flashers came on, and the radio lit up. I figure I'd left the flashers on for some inexplicable reason, which is what depleted the battery over several weeks.  And it turns out that there are two power supplies to one of these modern "car stereos."  One is the actual power for the unit, the other is to maintain the unit's memory for various settings.  BOTH must be connected for the unit to work.  In my situation, the main power is connected to the 12V system in the coach, and the memory power comes from the front starter battery.  So when the starter battery gave out, no tunes.  Live and learn. I ran the engine for a couple of hours while I was doing other chores, which charged up the battery enough so that it started right up the next day.

I'm making slow progress on the tire repair kit project.  I got a bottle jack, which turned out to be the wrong size. Returned it to Amazon, got one that's the right size.  Got a lug wrench.  Wrong size.  Returned it and I'm pondering alternatives.  Thinking about how to get the spare tire off its rear-deck mount when there's stuff on the adjacent storage rack.  Thinking about a more powerful air compressor to air up tires (and air bags -- remember??) when I'm out.  All of this is a considerable expense which (aside from maintaining air pressure on a routine basis) is by way of insurance.  Money I'm spending on things I may never use.

Almost ready to hit the road, and the most likely destination is still Quartzite.  Late next week?

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