Thursday, November 26, 2015

And another thing ...

Since I'm not going anywhere right away, I'm thinking about what the unsolved issues are for me when I do get out.  I'm almost done with refinishing the doors and drawer fronts in the kitchen area, and it does make a nice cosmetic difference.  I've got the little Verizon device which gives me voice communication when I don't have ATT.  I'm working on the tire repair kit.

I do need some leveling blocks and chocks.

I'm pretty sure I want/need a new backup camera rig.  The Beast came with a hard-wired rear view camera which is mounted down low.  I'm pretty sure the intent was to facilitate hooking up a tow vehicle.  It's not real useful, particularly since its view is blocked by the rear cargo rack or (when it's mounted) the bike rack.  Mostly what I want is something which will give me better visibility in the passenger-side blind spot, so I can merge right with greater confidence.   It'd also be great to see the rear racks so I don't back up into something when I'm maneuvering in close quarters.

An RV is like a boat, eh?  A hole in there water you throw money into.

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