Friday, October 30, 2015

Log II -- Buenos Aires October 2015

10/29 -- Thursday.  Pack out and leave Buenos Aires at about 6AM.   Arrive Tucson about 8AM.  Empty tanks, refill gas tank.  8.3 mpg for the trip.  Unpack at home, drive rig to storage lot.  Uber back home at about 9:30.

Remarks:  I left camp earlier than I'd intended.  Restless night's sleep, and at 5:15 I woke up to the sound of a big diesel right next to me.  A couple of deer hunters, who'd scouted "my" site a few days earlier and were not happy someone else was there.  They were much happier when I told them I'd be out in less than an hour.  Apparently the whitetail season begins now, and the good spots in the part of the refuge which allows hunting will get full for a while.  I lucked out.

I'll echo what I said a couple of days ago.  In spite of the fact that I'm getting pretty efficient at packing and unpacking, there's a pretty high overhead going out for just a couple of nights. And I'm not sure that this spot is worth more than a couple of days without some specific reason to be there.

In all, though, a good trip.  My next voyage will be by plane and rental car next week,visiting family in Boulder CO.  So blog activity will taper off again.

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