Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Log I -- Buenos Aires October 2015

10/26 — Monday.  Food shopping.  Moved RV to parking lot across the street.  Turned on refrigerator.

10/27 — Tuesday.  Shuttled car back home (Uber.) Checked fridge: at temperature.  Packed food, clothing, utensils into rig.  Loaded dog into rig.  To Merrigan’s RV service, dumped holding tanks, filled fresh water. To Discount Tire for pressure checks. Leave Tucson.  Arrive Buenos Aires about 1:30 pm. 


The site I’d hoped for was vacant: #73, on access road across from entrance road to refuge hq.  Sunny and warm.  Big vistas.  Solitude.  Silence. 

Emma:  not real comfortable with travel, but perfectly happy lounging around in camp.  For trips this length, not a problem, although an occasional nuisance. `

Partly cloudy Wednesday, but solar panel is keeping the batteries topped off.  Rain forecast for late tonight and tomorrow morning.  At this point I plan to leave Thursday morning. 

It’s being a good interlude, but I’m not sure a trip this length is worth all the hassle of packing and unpacking. 

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