Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day weekend? Really?

When I blocked out the time for this jaunt I really hadn't reckoned on Memorial Day being when it is.   But it is, and every outdoorsy family in the West considers this to be the official beginning of the summer.  The outcome is that places to camp become scarce and crowded.  I'd sorta thought I'd stay a couple days here at Willow Springs, and then meander up and over toward Boulder on the 25th to see family.

Nope. Unless something unexpected turns up, I'll stay right where I am and leave on Sunday the 24th, staying overnight along the way, and get into Boulder in the afternoon of the 25th.  There's a Walmart in Rifle, CO, that permits overnight parking and would be almost exactly halfway between here and Boulder via Grand Junction.  I have enough food and water, and even in partial sun the solar panels seem to keep my various devices stoked, so that's the plan.  This is a nice place, with some good people to talk to.  And the puppies across the way to watch.

I did have a tangentially-related thought.  Next trip I'll pack some paper books.  Books that don't require batteries to read, in case power gets to be scarce sometime.  Lord knows I've got enough of them!

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