Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday afternoon above Moab

Looks ominous in B/W, huh?

People come and go.  The young mountain biking couple across the way pulled out this morning, headed toward Bend, OR.  A class A motorhome complete with toad just pulled into that spot.

The puppies are pulling up stakes, too… two of them went off to town this morning, two stayed here to hangout and do some of the unending vehicle repairs.  (They did something rash off-roading yesterday and had to drive to Grand Junction last night to get a replacement part — it was the electrical connector for the trailer hitch they broke, so they can’t go on without working lights.  I guess they’re headed for Denver… The pop-top trailer is all folded up.  

The clouds move across the sky.  The solar panels are working like a champ. I did a little desultory picking up around here, did the dishes.  Checked budgets: cash and data.  On plan.  Had my (by now customary) after lunch nap.  Listening to Alice Gomez flute music.  

I’ve checked out places I might stay on the trip to Boulder.  The vicinity of Rifle, CO is still the best bet for Sunday night.  

I think I’m slowed down to as close to dead stop as I can be.   

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