Thursday, May 14, 2015

Here's the plan

Next stop will be up in Canyonlands:

You may have to move the map around so you can see the destination at Wind Whistle.

It'll be a boondocking site, as would almost all of the places I'd like to stay up there.  So, I'll stay where I am for a couple of cloudy days with my nice electric hookup, and head out when it looks like there'll be some sun to drive the solar panels.  I'm really excited about getting back into Canyonlands country.

On the housekeeping front, there's been noises coming from up on the roof when the wind blows just right. I got up on the roof to see what was what.  I was concerned, of course, about the a/c shroud that I’d installed earlier this spring.  The noise seemed to be coming from that area … well, it was, sort of. The noise seems to be originating with the tv antenna, which is folded down against the roof and has big flappy “ears” which catch the wind.  Those flap against the roof, and the sound comes down thru the a/c vent.  Ah!  I don’t use the antenna.  I’m considering removing it.  At any rate, probably nothing that  needs attending to in mid-trip. 

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