Friday, May 15, 2015

A few other notes

I just checked... it's 38º outside (at about 7000 feet elevation), and in the low 60's inside the rig.  I'm perfectly comfortable in a hoodie and sweats.  Not exactly shorts and tank top conditions, but I'm fine. Maybe not so fine for the Hawaii crowd. You know who you are.

Data use.  I've discovered that the Apple Mail app is a hog.  My data use drops considerably if I just use the web interfaces for gmail and yahoo mail.  I'm in data-rich land right now, but starting May 19 and for the rest of this trip, I may have to be more parsimonious.  I get 10G for the month beginning then... which means if I get home on June 1, I have an allowance of about 700M per day.  I'll monitor what I'm using now ... I think if I eschew video and audio streaming, I'll be fine.  If I'm in AT&T territory, I can use my unlimited data there to stream.  Fine for audio, a bit limiting for video.

We'll see.

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