Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The plan for the next few days is pretty much set.  After talking to the volunteer at the visitor center and someone who lives nearby,  the stretch of road that goes more or less directly north from Silver City is a Seriously Bad Idea.  Really narrow, at time more like 1 1/2 lanes than 2, very steep grades, and scanty guardrails.  So I head direct to the Gila Cliff Dwelling area from here, with the plan of camping at  Lake Roberts, with a Forest Service campground which gets great reviews.  In the neighborhood are the Gila Cliff Dwellings, and a hot springs. I’m thinking I’ll plan to spend three nights there, but I may keep the rig in traveling mode so I can go do things during the days.  I haven’t done this before, so it’ll be a new set of logistics. 

After months in Tucson and the time here in the desert at City of Rocks, I’m thinking a nice lake would be a good change (image and review from from here: )

My eyeballs are getting pretty dried out from three days of dry wind.  (Just remembered I packed some Visine.  Ahhhhhhh!) If I spend three nights in that neighborhood (Thurs-Sat) I can still pretty easily get up to White Rock to see Doug and Dotty on Monday or Tuesday, going the long way back through Silver City and then north.

Here’s a map segment which is the tentative route from here to White Rock. I'll go north from City of Rocks, hang out up in the Gila Wilderness for a while, then double back and go north through Silver City and Glenwood.

If you’re following me closely, the area up near Lake Roberts has zero cell service.  So you won’t be getting anything from me for a few days… not to worry.  None of this is boondocking; there will be people nearby.  

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