Thursday, April 9, 2015

Moving day

A quick note from the chilly dawn... pre-dawn, actually ... at City of Rocks.

Taken a couple of days ago when I arrived

The next few days will probably go as planned up in New Mexico's Gila Wilderness area.  But I've already had some new/old ideas about what happens after that.  We'll see.

A reminder that I'll be out of cell phone range for a few days, I expect.  I'm taking pictures and some videos, and I plan on mooching internet bandwidth from Doug and Dotty in White Rock early next week to upload and share them.  So far my internet use has been about exactly 1 gigabyte.  My Verizon plan gives me 5.  So I'm right about on target.  I may increase my plan to 8 gigs, if this feels cramped.

Off I go.  I'm excited!

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