Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Mexico trip expenses

Here's a summary of what the roughly two-week trip to New Mexico cost:

I traveled 1,368 miles.  Average mpg was 8.93.  Total gas cost was $268.29 for 118 gallons of gas, at an average cost of $2.27 per gallon.   Fuel cost was $14.90 per day, $0.255 per mi. Carbon footprint: 2,290 pounds of CO2.  (The preceding was brought to you by the wonderful "Road Trip" iOS app)

Camping costs totaled $84... an average of $7 per night.  Forest service ($7.50/night) and BLM ($9/night) camp fees were reduced by 50% because of my senior discount.  I stayed 3 nights with friends and 1 night dry camping in a parking lot.

Food costs, groceries and eating out, totaled $309.34. I brought home a lot of the groceries I bought at my last shopping trip at Walmart in Deming.

So total outlay for 13 days on the road was about $660.  13 days of my regular "household" expenses at home would have cost, on average, $400.

I can do this!  *grin*

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