Saturday, April 18, 2015

Last leg -- I think!

The railroad runs roughly E-W over there.

The freeway run parallel over there.

In between is the Navajo-owned FireRock casino, with a huge level well-lit parking lot with regular security patrols.  Friendly security people who suggest where to park.  A regular shuttle to take you over to the main casino building.  For parking lot boondocking it doesn't get any better than this.

That's where I am, getting ready to head out for Tucson via Holbrook and Show Low and Globe.

It'll be a long drive -- I'm guessing about 7 hours --  but I'm in no hurry. Google estimates about 6 hours, but I'll stop more frequently and won't be running as fast on the I-40 segment as they assume.

I walked over to the casino.  It's like a casino.  Had dinner there... I figured I'd put a little money into the tribal coffers as a thank-you, even though I have a well-stocked larder in the Beast.  Food was adequate.  Sweet two-spirited young server.

The trains and the traffic noise faded into the background and I slept like a log.  Eating morning oatmeal as I type, then on the road. Should be there by mid-afternoon.

The excitement of heading out is one thing; the excitement of heading home is another. Both are very real.  It's been a good trip.

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