Friday, April 17, 2015

Headed toward home

I've made a couple of decisions.  One is to skip the event in Flagstaff this weekend, and the other is not to head up to Fenton Lake from here.  So after I pick up here, I'll start a slow meander toward Tucson.

Yesterday brought an unexpected pleasure.  I spent several hours washing dishes at an outfit in Santa Fe called "Kitchen Angels."  As their web page says,

Kitchen Angels is a not for profit home delivered meal program serving the greater Santa Fe area. Our mission is to provide free, freshly prepared and nourishing meals to homebound individuals living with chronic, life threatening or terminal illnesses. Kitchen Angels was founded in 1992.

You can read their whole story here

After the volunteer time at Kitchen Angels, it was time for a margarita in the bar at La Posada,  La Fonda,  and dinner at Andiamo

This is all a far cry from camping on a windy ridge overlooking a lava flow. It seems like I unloaded half the contents of the RV into the house here in White Rock.  So this morning I'll gather it all up and batten things down for travel again.  I'm guessing I'll wind up home in Tucson on Saturday, but we'll see what presents itself along the way.

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