Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Just got off the phone with Buck, my mechanic.  The gears for the differential re-build should be in sometime late next week.  So the Beast will go in probably for much of the week of March 16th to complete the work on the differential, repair the driver's side air spring, and get an oil change.  That suggests that I have this week and next to get the smaller maintenance stuff done that I can do myself.

Next week here in Tucson is the Escapade: an event sponsored by the Escapees RV club.   Seminars and sales tents and stuff.  I think I'll pick a day during the week and get a day pass... the full event would cost a couple hundred bucks, and I'm not convinced it's be worth that.   Not to mention driving clear across the city every day.  This will be my first contact with an RV event!

City of Rocks State Park
I'm beginning to plan my next excursion for somewhere around the week of March 23rd. I'm thinking heading over into western New Mexico and heading north.  There are some interesting places in the general vicinity of Silver City, NM.  Might circle around and come back through Flagstaff, and check out the spot(s) near there which might be good for a 14-day stay during the summer.

The roof repair work on my house is underway, and given an even break with the weather, that should be done before my next trip, giving me a clear slate (and a depleted bank account!) for future travel.

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