Sunday, March 8, 2015

A little stuck

It's looking like I won't be able to get out with the Beast for a while, even though a friend has gotten me this cool sticker for the rig.

The problem is a bunch of appointments and obligations here in Tucson.  Work on the roof; cable TV repair on the roof; miscellaneous postponed doctors' appointments.  The repairs that Buck needs to do on the rig.  

So it's looking like early April, which gives me PLENTY of time to do various chores around the house and in the rig.

I'm trying to be all grown-up about it, but I'd really like some road time.  Soon.   Waaaaah!

Something I've been thinking about: traveling alone.  For many years when son Mike was young, we packed him and a big canvas tent in the obligatory academic's Volvo station wagon and headed west.  Donna was a good sport about it, but she's a homebody at heart and pretty much always would rather have been back on home turf.  Now that our ways have parted, travel is a solo enterprise... a lot of my friends are working, and don't have the freedom to get away that I do.  A lot of them aren't entranced by the idea of spending a day or two just watching the clouds go by.  And I'm not all that entranced by the idea of sharing a small space for days on end with just about anybody. But part of the good thing about travel is sharing.  "Hey, lookit!"  "Did you notice that really grumpy-looking guy at the last rest stop?" "Thanks, I'd love it if you brought me a beer!" 

So I'm thinking about ways to get together with other like-minded people without actually living with them. As a newbie, I'd never really thought about "meet-ups" and caravans.   But maybe those are just what I'm looking for.  I need to put some energy into finding ways to share, but not over-share, my time on the road.

Now that there are some experienced RV'ers reading this, any ideas?


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