Friday, March 27, 2015

Here's the latest version:

I got in touch with my college roommate and friend Doug who lives in Los Alamos; he and Dotty will be in town while I'm "in the neighborhood" so I'll swing up there and spend a few nights getting caught up.   A lot has happened in our lives since we saw each other last. The overall trip looks like this, now:

Mon  City of Rocks 
Tues 7 do
Weds 8 do
Thurs 9 Near Gila Cliff Dwellings. "Scorpion campgrounds"  Visit “catwalk” near Glenwood NM
Fri 10 Armijo Spring campground (
Sat 11 Seviletta Natl Wildlife Refuge

Sun 12 to Los Alamos
Mon 13 In Los Alamos
Tues 14 In Los Alamos, or to Gallup en route to Flag Fire and Rock Casino (Or maybe at El Morro) 
Weds 15 To Flag area (?) 
Thurs 16 Flag area
Fri 17 Flag area 
Sat 18  Dan and Craig’s in Flagstaff 

Sun 19  Home to pick up Emma 

This may change between now and departure, or while I'm out.  I only have a few firm commitments: the reservations at City of Rocks, Doug and Dotty on the 12th,  a presentation I'm doing in Flagstaff on the 18th, and getting home to pick up Emma on the 19th.  The rest is kind of a sketch.

One of things I'm trying to learn here is a different way of traveling.  I'm to making reservations at motels and trying for maximum mileage per day.  All about the destination.  As I travel with the Beast, I'm wanting to learn to re-prioritize the journey.  It's a process.

I can't believe I just wrote that! *grin* 

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