Friday, February 6, 2015

Work day

A lot of the day will be spent down at the storage lot, working on the Beast.  I'm looking forward to it: the problems I'm working on there actually have solutions.  The vent dome lid can be replaced.  The a/c cover (shroud?) can be replaced.  I've found a few places where the I need to do maintenance in the roof itself... not many, and I gather that at least a couple of times a year I should go up there and check on things.  All this is new to me, but various resources on the internet show me videos of how to do what needs to be done, help me find out what I need to do it, and send it to me.

So many of life's challenges don't have solutions.  The best we can do is work round them: my various arthritic joints are a good example.  This stuff has a solution.  One of the video "blogs" I follow is Eric's "Nomadic Fanatic" channel on YouTube.  He's just discovered a big patch of dry rot in his rig, and is systematically tearing it out and replacing it.  Scary, but a solvable problem.

Someone asked me the other day what this blog is really about.  Who am I writing to?  Partly I'm writing to myself: this is a log in the original sense, and I'm using it to keep track of what I did to and with the rig.  The rest of you are to be pardoned if it's not very interesting.  In time, this will become something of a travelogue: where I go and what I see.  I'm hopeful that will be more interesting to y'all.

Time for breakfast.  I may "live blog" from the RV roof as the day goes on.

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