Friday, January 30, 2015

Trucks as neighbors

Are very noisy all night long.  I assume it's generators powering reefer units.  It would be one thing if it was a constant drone, but the intermittent start-up noises are hard to sleep through. But I managed, and got up at my usual unGodly hour.  Having coffee now.

It's been raining on and off all night; may be mixed with snow as I get up into Albuquerque.

The Beastly furnace heats the place up really well, but I'm leery of just leaving it on the thermostat.  It's not the propane consumption that concerns me, it's the battery drain from the fan.

When I got up I cracked a window and lit up the Little Buddy catalytic heater -- works really well to heat the end of the coach I inhabit when I'm on the laptop. And it's quiet... no fan.

Long day today.  But I'm pretty psyched for it all.

Granola time ...

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