Thursday, January 29, 2015

On the road ...

finally!  I got the RV from Buck at about 5, drove it home, loaded it up and took off.  I went about 1:30 down the road -- enough so that I'm confident I can get to ABQ in time without undue haste.

I'm parked with at least 100 trucks in the lot behind a T/A truck stop.  Had a nasty dinner -- figured that breakfast would always be safe.  Powdered eggs, limp greasy bacon. Half-cooked home fries.

Back to the security of the Beast.

I'll sip some scotch, read a bit, and lights (my new super-efficient LEDs) out.

Oh yeah -- the furnace fired right up. In a couple of minutes it took the chill off.

Oh yeah again:  Emma's staying with neighbor Steve Springer, and he reports she's calm and happy.


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